Association is to provide the aged, infirm, and disease – stricken Senior Citizens.

To provide care to the aged without discrimination of caste, creed and
sex. To provide care to the physically and mentally challenged people. To provide geriatric services for the aged. To extend any charitable help, to the deserving people as and when found necessary. To associate with any charitable or voluntary agencies, students, and youth to carry out any project which will be beneficial to the Senior Citizens.


  1. To create unity, brotherhood etc. among the member & general public
  2. To celebrate the social festival.
  3. To give medical help to the poor and elderly people.
  4. To undertake many other activities which are beneficial
  5. To theorganization and attain the above objective.

We are committed towards the happiness of all the people who join us in
social work. Be a part of these great initiatives to empower the Senior
citizens. We request you to prayerfully consider the following requirements as God guides you. Kindly make a tremendous impact on people in need. We always realize that all these happen only because of your sincere prayer and support. We also want your partnership, along with your family and friends, through prayer, personal involvement, financial and material support, in upcoming days to fulfil this great vision

Organisation mainly aims

At benefitting to senior citizen care. is established to create positive transformation. the main motive of this organization is to provide proper facilities to all elderly people.



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